Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Time Flys

Man time goes fast! Lisa just mentioned that her and the other mums from our antenatal group are in the process of organising a combined 1st birthday for all the babies from our group. While she is 10 months old at the moment, I can't believe we are coming up to Annamari's first birthday! The last year has been amazing and being a Dad is awesome. Annamari is an absolute joy to have and her outgoing, adventurous and active personality makes everyday exciting. She is so going to enjoy having either a baby brother or sister in August. If you don't yet have kids then you are in for a real treat and when you are ready, (you're never ready), I know you will just love it. Until you do have kids here are a few things I suggest you make the most of before they come along.

1. Sleep (I think sleep is overrated, in saying that, appreciate what you have pre baby).
2. Movies (Go to the movies lots, even if they are zero star rated like 10,000BC. Babies and movies don't mix).
3. Golf (18 holes, four hours... young Dad's it just ain't happening).
4. Sky Sport (Sky Sport moved out when baby moved in, watch more sport now and make the most of it, even watch motor sport if you have to).

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