Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Bucket List

Lisa took me to the movies last night to see Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson's latest movie The Bucket List. Expecting a few good laughs and a light hearted movie, The Bucket List offered a lot more than that.

While still very funny, there were a number of powerful themes and messages running through the film and a great challenge to live life to the full. Issues of faith were touched on in a simple but profound way, as well as the importance of friendship and family.

The Bucket List is well worth a watch either at the movies or when it comes out on DVD.

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nathan said...

i have also seen the movie, absolute brillance i thort, my wife picked it, i didnet even know what i was going to see, being that she pick it i would have gessed that i was going to go see some thing like "the note book" or "allis in wonderland" but no out of no where, a stunner, made me think really, mabee time for a bungie!!!