Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hillsong Highlights

It was awesome to go to Hillsong Conference again this year. It is always awe inspiring, encouraging and challenging. It was awesome hearing Pastor Judah Smith for the first time and hearing Pastor Mike Pilavachi for the first time. Judah (29 years old) was amazing. I loved the way he combined God’s word and humour together in his messages and I loved his maturity and heart for people. Mike Pilavachi was outstanding as well. His message on worship, evangelism and justice was incredibly challenging. He was absolutely hilarious as well. Joel Houston ‘winged’ a main session as well, in front of 17,000 people or so, he hit a home run for sure. It was awesome hearing his heart for justice around the world which I felt really captured the heart of God and of a young generation of Christians that is rising up. He did an outstanding job. Brian Houston as always was incredible, Joyce Meyer is fantastic and the worship amazing. As always God spoke to me; encouragingly, challengingly, and directionally. If you have never been to Hillsong before or at least not in a while you need to go in 2009; it’ll be outstanding.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Australia so far...

Been having a good time in Australia so far. Really looking forward to Hillsong kicking off tonight. The opening is always reasonably spectacular.

Went to Hillsong Church yesterday and heard Judah Smith preach. He was fantastic. First time I had every heard him live.

Also went to Parramatta verse Penrith yesterday at Parramatta Stadium. Great game and heaps of fun. Petro Civoniceva is huge!

Rest of the time has been spent in food courts and shopping malls. I'm sick of shopping though.

Really missing Lisa and Annamari but having a good time. It's cool talking to Annamari on the phone though. She just listens and says 'dad, dad, dad,' back the whole time...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hillsong 2008

It is exciting to again be heading of to Hillsong Conference. It really is a highlight each year. I always come away inspired, refreshed, challenged and impacted by God in a massive way. I'm really looking forward to God speaking to me over the next week or so.

I'm also looking forward to going to two NRL games while away. Penrith v Paramatta on Sunday afternoon and then Roosters v Titans next Friday night. They're going to be awesome! Go Para and Go the Roosters!

Only bummer is leaving Lisa and Annamari behind. Lisa was going to come but we hadn't planned on her being 8 months pregnant at time of take off. I'll miss her and Annamari a lot. After Hillsong though only 30 more days till baby number 2 is due. That will be exciting. We look forward to having either little Chaz Michael Michaels McAuley if it is a boy or wee Marge Maggie Lisa McAuley if it is a girl. Can't wait!

While I'm away I'll fire in some twitter updates that'll load themselves onto my blog, (singing 'I love technology...'). So you can keep a track of what we are up to if you like.