Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hillsong Highlights

It was awesome to go to Hillsong Conference again this year. It is always awe inspiring, encouraging and challenging. It was awesome hearing Pastor Judah Smith for the first time and hearing Pastor Mike Pilavachi for the first time. Judah (29 years old) was amazing. I loved the way he combined God’s word and humour together in his messages and I loved his maturity and heart for people. Mike Pilavachi was outstanding as well. His message on worship, evangelism and justice was incredibly challenging. He was absolutely hilarious as well. Joel Houston ‘winged’ a main session as well, in front of 17,000 people or so, he hit a home run for sure. It was awesome hearing his heart for justice around the world which I felt really captured the heart of God and of a young generation of Christians that is rising up. He did an outstanding job. Brian Houston as always was incredible, Joyce Meyer is fantastic and the worship amazing. As always God spoke to me; encouragingly, challengingly, and directionally. If you have never been to Hillsong before or at least not in a while you need to go in 2009; it’ll be outstanding.

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