Saturday, March 22, 2008

5 More Reasons to Run

Well as promised here are another 5 reasons to run. Some are good but for some I'm scrapping the bottom of the barrel...

1. The fitness that results from running will likely help you to live longer. This means all sorts of things, especially cool is hanging out with kids, grand kids and great grand kids.

2. Exercise keeps you mobile. Running will help you to move around in life easier and longer than would otherwise be. Certainly doesn't feel like that after a 2.5 hour run though. Did that yesterday, 24kms, was meant to do 30kms but oh so tired. 42km seems a long way off.

3. You get to buy cool equipment! Running shorts with built in bike pants, ipods, headphones, hydration belts, compression bands, $30 socks, Nike singlets. Awesome.

4. You sweat a lot. I'm sure this is a good thing as long as you shower afterwards. Sweating removes toxins and stuff from your body. Doesn't it?

5. Interesting things happen when you run. I had a cicada fly into my ear the other day. On two separate occasions I have been attacked by a seagull, that was freaky. The other day I saw a shag dive into the water and come up with a massive eel. Pretty cool.

So yeah there is another five reasons to run. So get running.

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