Saturday, March 15, 2008

NRL Season 2008

The NRL season for 2008 kicked of last night with two local derbies; the Rabbits(20) vs the Roosters(34) and the Titians(36) vs the Cowboys(18). I didn't pick either result which won't help my in my tipping comp. It's going to be an exciting season and it will be interesting to see how the Warriors go. Not having Sky Sport anymore I organised to have the two games taped and then picked them up to watch first thing this morning. Something went wrong though and the tape only had the first half of Rabbits game. Gutted. Thanks for trying though Sam.

Sky with the additional sports package works out at $817 for 12 months. I thought long and hard about it but Lisa convinced me that Annamari and baby 2 need food and clothes before we even think about Sky. So, if you have Sky Sport don't be shy about recording the NRL, i'll pick the tapes up and be more than happy to watch them.

If you are a keen NRL follower and would like to join a tipping comp you can do join mine here. First register as a tipper and then join the comp called 'Tauranga NRL Tippers.' Password is 'itip' Good luck for the season and...

Go the mighty Vodafone Warriors!!!

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