Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 Goals

Goals in my experience tend to be about adding, fitting, squeezing and cramming more into your life than before. This year I’ve decided to make my goals more about taking things out; removing rather than adding. I don’t think I could fit much more in anyway. They are not all “no” goals but most are. I still need help with two more months if you have any ideas.

Jumping on board with an idea a Facebook friend made me aware of, basically setting goals one month at a time or rather for a month, I’ve 12 goals for 2013. You can read the article Rethinking Resolutions here.

January – Knock 1/3 of grocery bill for the month.  Attempt to make grocery bill 2/3 of normal bill by eating more simply, more cheaply and also by consuming some of the food items that have sat in the freezer or pantry for an extended period of time.  

February – No sugar for a month.  No lollies, sweet treats, alcohol, fizzy, ice cream etc.

March – No social media for a month. No Facebook, no twitter, no blogs. Consuming or producing.

April – No caffeine for a month. No coffee or caffeinated drinks.

May –

June – No consuming for a month. Other than AP’s, utility bills etc. No spending for a month. Only places money will be spend will be supermarket and petrol station.

July – No meat for a month. One month as a vegetarian. Bring on black beans!

August – Read The History of New Zealand by Michael King. I’ve wanted to do this for ages and with my reading largely dictated by studies, this August I’m saying “No, I will not be dictated do!”

September –

October – No staying up late for a month. Go to bed early, lights out, by 9:25pm each night.

November – No television for a month. No watching sport, movies, docos, the news etc.

December – No brand new Christmas gifts. Up-cycle/re-cycle/homemake all Christmas gifts and accessories. This includes cards, wrapping paper, etc.

Caveats: If needs be will swap months around. Also I will compromise on a goal for pastoral or missional reasons if it would be prudish to not make an allowance. This is not to create an easy out but rather the goals are to serve me and be help me but I am not a slave to them.  
You're welcome to join me on any of these.

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