Thursday, January 17, 2013

13 for 2013

My previous post covered my goals for 2013, mainly a quest to eliminate certain things for a month rather than to add more into my life. Someone described it as a year long Lent. It is a bit like that I guess. I see this as a good thing. 
I do also want to make sure I do a few random things throughout the journey of 2013 as well though.
Here they are...  

1. sleep under the stars (pretty sure this one won't look like the picture)
2. take Annamari for dinner at a restaurant
3. distill my own vodka (harder and easier than you might think)
4. go to a concert (missed Weezer unfortunately)
5. read The History of NZ
6. run a half marathon (my own one prob)
7. preach a series on the book of Revelation
8. take Lisa on a surprise date
9. take Romeo to an All Blacks Test   
10. finish the hull on the Endeavor
11. jump off a bridge (can't remember when last did)
12. bake someone a cake (a gateau)
13. ???
I need help with one more?


Unknown said...

Awesome goals!
Ideas for one more...
Walk one of N.Z's great walking tracks? (that could include the sleeping under the stars one also)
Go to a yoga class?
Take the Holden on a road trip (That could include the concert one also)

Joseph McAuley said...

Great suggestions. Thanks!