Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello 2010.

It's good to be back into the year after a wonderful holiday. Some of the highlights included pulling a 1.5m Blue Shark out of surf with bare hands, a murder 3 doors down from where we were on holiday, running up Mount twice in a row, 85% in first M.Div exam, two zoos, time in Orewa, time in New Plymouth, 4 great reads nailed, all rust on 1967 HR fixed, in water 30m from pod of killer whales, got on tv @ Twenty20, good times with kids and Lisa, caught up with brothers Radler, Summer, and Black.

Am looking forward to blogging again and as always hope to be regular but promise nothing. I suggest you just subscribe to feed and then we can all relax.

I look forward to posting soon on why I tithe, why I believe it is essential we understand ourselves as embodied beings, and on well... I don't know... other really exciting stuff.

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