Monday, March 9, 2009

There are more important conversations to be having…

You’re involved in more conversations right now than you probably realize. You could have face book open and be talking to a friend on the other side of the world. A work colleague or family member may be talking to you right now. Perhaps you have just sent a text or an e-mail and are waiting for a reply. Even if none of those things are happening you likely have 5 or 6 conversations going on in your head.

- You’re talking to yourself about what conversations you might have going on at the moment.
- You’re reminding yourself and talking to yourself about some of the things you still need to get done today or this week.
- You’re trying to solve some sort of problem you are facing or answer a question you have regarding something or other.
- You’re replaying a literal conversation you had with someone recently, perhaps a disagreement, you’re thinking of all the great lines you’d use now if you had that conversation again.
- You’re talking to me (or at least my blog) as you agree or disagree with what I have written.

Some of your conversations may be paused at the moment, some you may be avoiding, others you might be trying to instigate or close.

Most of the conversations that you have going on at the moment will be about reasonably unimportant things. Sure they might be a big deal to you right now but in the bigger scheme of things they are probably not that major. Most of them are probably to do with yourself and your immediate needs, wants, desires, etc. It’s not likely that many of them are going to change the course of your life.

There are more important conversations to be having. Most importantly; with God, his word, and with yourself. With the people around you; with friends, family, workmates

There are some big issues in the world (global issues) that actually need to be addressed at a personal level.

Here are some of the big issues I believe need addressing. Particularly perhaps by 21st Century Western Christians and potentially resulting in some radical changes; a 21st Century Reformation? I’m not sure.

Consumerism and Generosity
Materialism and Simplicity
Individualism and Community
Production and Sustainability
Opportunity and Sacrifice
Fighting and Surrender

I look forward to expanding on these in the future.


mark doherty said...

so what do you think needs addressing most of all by the church in nz, or us as individuals?

Heidi Nagels said...

Your regular blogging is great Joseph, keep it up. SUCH good food for thought each week