Monday, March 30, 2009

My Most Recommended Reads...

I love reading and I get a lot out of reading. I try to read 52 books a year. I have never quite got there but have got close a few times. Here are my most recommended recent reads. Note: I haven’t bothered to rank them 1 through 5 for each year. I have put them all on my Shelfari book shelf for you to have a look at if you want. I have also put in a difficulty level that may help some people. 1 = any reading level, 2 = high school English, 3 = adult reading, 4 = under graduate level, and 5 = post graduate level reader.


The One More Thing You Need to Know – Marcus Buckingham
This book is fantastic (I think all the ones I am recommending are). It sums up what Buckingham thinks is the single most important thing for you to know about leadership, about management, and about sustained personal success. I know you will be surprised and also encouraged about what his research says each thing is that you need to know. Level 2 difficulty.

Just Walk Across the Room – Bill Hybels
Practical, exciting, doable, and biblical keys to making evangelism and realistic, natural and real part of your life. A must read. Level 1 difficulty.

Strategies for Change – Lyle Schaller
Have you ever needed to implement change in a company, organisation, department, whatever? This is the the how to implement change bible. It covers everything you need to know about dealing with change. It is written from a church leadership perspective but would be 100% applicable in any setting. Level 2 difficulty.

Death by Meeting – Patrick Lenconi
For many people the meetings they find themselves in are boring, draining, time consuming and poorly run. Death by Meeting will redefine the meetings you have, the way they are run, and the fruitfulness of each meeting. Well worth the read. Easy to read as the book tells a story and then draws lessons from the story. If you are a leader and you run meetings, you must read this book. Level 1 difficulty.

The Only Wise God – William Lane Craig
This book is about the compatibility of divine foreknowledge and human freedom. It is a fascinating read and deals with all sorts of things including a biblical philosophy on time travel. It really answers some of those tricky questions about how God could already know this, this and that but allow this and this. Level 5 difficulty.


The Gospel of the Kingdom – George Ladd
What is the Kingdom of God? What does it look like? How are we to interpret, understand, and outwork the message and meaning of the Sermon on the Mount. This will change the way you read the bible. Level 3 difficulty.

On Ramps and Off Ramps – Sylvia Ann Hewlet
This book deals with the difficulties that professional women often experience in their work life, when life circumstances mean off ramping from work for a season, and then on ramping back on. It makes a great case for the loss a company or organisation will experience if they do not make off ramping and on ramping a realistic, fair, and easy thing for women to do. Reading with an understanding of the Millennial Generation work ethic and mindset I also see this book as being significantly relevant to men within this generation as well. Level 4 difficulty.

The Church in Emerging Culture – Leonard Sweet
Edited by Sweet this book offers 5 perspectives on today’s challenges for the church as it endeavours to engage with 21st Century culture. Really good read and really good looking at other peoples perspectives other than just your own. Level 4 difficulty.

Off Road Disciplines – Earl Creps
On road disciplines are traditional things like prayer and bible reading. Off road disciplines looks at other disciplines we need to commit to if we are to be effective in ministry. This book covers things like reverse mentoring and passing the baton. You’ll love it. Level 2 difficulty.

A Life Stripped Bare – Leo Hickman
This book provides a light hearted account of on mans attempt to live ethically for a year; eat organically, not use an automobile, recycle, etc etc. Great read and an easy read. It also highlights the dilemmas faced when choosing to change your lifestyle, especially when it impacts on the people you live with and forces them to change. Level 1 difficulty.


Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger – Ronal J Sider
This book addresses all sorts of questions to do with justice, poverty, stewardship, responsibility, and lifestyle. It is written for western Christians in light of our abundance and the lack that most of the world lives in. Challenging and thought provoking, well worth you reading and reflecting on. Level 2 difficulty.

The Sustainable Vegetable Garden – John Jeavons
This book is an essential guide to growing your own vegetables in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Perfect for anyone looking to get their vege patch going or take it to another level. Level 1 difficulty.

How to Get Things Done – David Allen
Is a fantastic book on mastering workflow management. It will give you practical skills to increase your productivity in work and life, as things are now, and as you experience new levels of complexity in your world. Level 2 difficulty.

Surprised by Hope – N.T. Wright
This brilliant work by N.T Wright addresses the issues of Christian hope. What happens when we die? What is heaven like? What’s the deal with re-creation? This is a brilliant book and exposes much of the Christian thought on these issues to be myth and simply un-biblical. There is a great hope, more exciting than you can imagine, but perhaps not exactly what you have imagined. Level 4 difficulty.

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This is great Joseph, the ones I haven't read are going straight to my 'to read list'