Thursday, April 10, 2008

The New Seven Deadly Sins

For 1500 years the 7 deadly sins, (pride, gluttony, sloth, lust, greed, envy and anger), have stood the test of time as the foundational sins to all other sins. Ever since Pope Gregory the Great, with the help of Thomas Aquinas and Dante, formalised the list they have been the bad boys of all sin.

Recently though Pope Benedict XVI and the Vatican released an additional list of 7 deadly sins, this list being the sins of society that separate one from another, the deadly sins of the 21st Century.

1. Genetic Modification
2. Human Experimentation; cloning
3. Polluting the Environment
4. Causing Social Injustice
5. Causing Poverty
6. Becoming Obscenely Wealthy
7. Taking Drugs

My take…

While the bible doesn’t talk about a list of 7 deadly sins, I think the original list is still the list that we should be working on. The original sins are foundational or at the core of all other sin and have given rise to much of the violence, crime, hurt and devastation that we have in our world today. In fact; if the original 7 deadly sins were still regarded as sins and if society shunned those characteristics and behaviours the second list would likely not be necessary.

Perhaps today is a good opportunity to reflect on the 7 deadly sins and whether or not there are issues you need to deal with in your life. We would hate to think there would be, but perhaps some of what we regard as smaller issues we are working on stem from the foundation that is one of the 7. Thank God for His grace and mercy and ask for forgiveness and for the Holy Spirit to help you face that which may need adjustment in your life.

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