Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Initiating and Implementing Planned Change - Part 4 of 4

4. Reinforcing Change

Once change has been implemented it is essential that those changes are reinforced. No matter how well change is explained and objectives communicated, change is messy, often resisted, and needs reinforcing. Change can be reinforced through the public praise of who are functioning in line with the new systems and standards; this public promotion gives other members on the team people to emulate. Retelling the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ reinforces change with the bigger picture again placed firmly in the minds of personnel. Success stories that result from the change should be communicated regularly, people like to know about the wins the team has had. It is also important to meet with key personnel affected by the changes and hear feedback from them. This will help you as the leader to discover areas of change that need adjusting or altering. It will also give you an opportunity to coach, encourage and answer any questions that key players have as they journey within the changes of the organisation. Key players are potentially either an asset or a liability to the change within the organisation and should be led through change.

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