Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Top Eight for 2011

Just putting it out there before the season even starts. My top eight come the end of the regular season looks like this.

1. Dragons – they’re the new Melbourne Storm. Professional. They’ll be there but I don’t think they’ll make the grand final this year.

2. Tigers – provided Benji isn’t in jail for bringing eschatological judgment from the not yet into the now, they’ll switch it up another notch again.

3. Storm – they’ll be back, it’s just the way they roll!

4. Roosters – I can’t see them failing to stand out after last year’s showing. They are again looking solid.

5. Raiders – seem to be on the up for the last 3 years and I’m picking that will continue in 2011. Got some great players, some great journeymen, and some rising stars!

6. Rabbits – on paper they have everyone they need to deliver they just haven’t been showing up on the field. This is the year of the rabbit though. Look out!

7. Warriors – we seem to be able to continually scrap our way into the eight. Again I think it will be a roller coaster ride for Warriors fans, especially in the last few weeks of the regular season. If we can come out firing and win 4 or 5 of our first 6 though, things could shape up really well... or just go back to same old. It is the Warriors after all!

8. Sea Eagles – their roster is looking good and it’s exciting to have Stewart back in jersey number 1. One of my favourite full backs in the comp.

It’s going to be as tight as ever and I can’t wait.

Who do you think will make the eight? Comment below and we’ll come back late in the season to review.

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