Thursday, March 11, 2010


Sometimes some things in life are just 'aaaarrrggh.' You can't nessasarily describe what 'aaaarrrggh' is and you can't always put your finger on why things feel 'aaaarrrggh.' Things are just 'aaaarrrggh.'

Perhaps you feel 'aaaarrrrggh' about something today.

You may be frustrated, confused, annoyed, feel confined, lack the clarity you want, have lost a peace that you had, trying to move quicker but you can't, trying to slow things down but you can't. You might be bored or tired or at the end of your tether.

What to do?

1. Talk to someone you trust.

Even if you can't articulate exactly what is going on talk to someone you can trust. They might be able to help you articulate your 'aaaarrrggh.' They may have some words of wisdom. They may be nothing more than a listening ear. Often talking is enough to ease the 'aaaarrrggh' though. Verbalising things can bring clarity and can bring a sense of order or peace.

2. Talk to God.

Pause and pray. Read a Psalm. Give your 'aaaarrrggh' over to Him. He can handle it. Ask God to guide you in regards to why you are ill at ease. Is God trying to teach you something? Is God trying to get your attention? Is God trying to get you to do something? 'Aaaarrrggh's' are not necessarily a problem to be solved. God is their with you in the midst of your 'aaaarrrggh.'

3. Move.

Not move city, just relocate yourself temporaraily. Go to the gym, go for a walk along the beach, go for a swim somewhere, go for a run, get a coffee, have a beer. Change your context externally for a 'selah' moment but also change the context of your thinking. Get lost in a novel or a sports match, or playing with your kids, or sailing a boat, or fishing. Don't think about your 'aaaarrrggh.' Get caught up in some other aspect of life. Your 'aaaarrrggh' is not likely your whole life.

4. Keep going.

Don't let your 'aaaarrrggh' stop you, hold you back, cause you to drift, relax or sit down. Keep going! Keep pushing forward, taking ground, living the dream, building the Kingdom and allowing God to build your life. God leads us as we walk far more often than when we sit.

5. Aaaarrrggh's don't last forever.

You'll get through.