Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Climate Change

Some people are skeptical in regards to human induced climate change.
(John Finkelde just posted about being a 'climate change agnostic.' He's a legend pastor from Australia with a cool blog you can find here).
The reality is we have to trust the experts.
While it may be tempting to say 'unfortunately’ we have to trust the experts, the truth is that fortunately we get to trust the experts. Average Joe just doesn’t have to time or ability to be an expert on every major issue in life. We have to, with humility and discernment, learn to trust experts. We do this in regards to our health with doctors, our cars with mechanics, and our computers with I.T gurus, to name but a few areas of life. We have to do this in regards to climate change as well. As Governor Schwarzenegger said in reference to human induced climate change, ‘if 98% of doctors said my son was sick and 2% said he was fine, I’d listen to the 98% every time. It’s common sense.’ The reality is 98% of scientists agree that human induced climate change is a reality. I’m no expert but I am happy to trust the majority of experts.

Why perhaps is conservative Christianity so ‘anti/skeptical’ of human induced climate change?

1. Mistrust of science due to scientific promotion of theory of evolution. Literal fundamental readings of Genesis 1 fail to allow for the compatibility of creation and evolution. The reality is though evolution and creation are not mutually exclusive. Best book to read would be The Lost World of Genesis One by John Walton.

2. Poor theology in regards to creation care, the gospel message, and the desire of God to save the entire cosmos. We were created to dwell in harmonious relationship with creation; sin has massively damaged this relationship though. Salvation is not just for the individual though and is available for all that call on the name of the Lord; salvation will also rescue creation from the bondage of sin. As Christ followers we are to bring salvation to our neighbours and creation. Best book to read would be The Green Revolution by Ben Lowe or even Theology for the Community of God by Stanley Grenz.

3. Potential reality of required life style changes should human induced climate change be true. As Christ followers created in the image of God as1) icons of Him on earth, 2) as stewards to take care of creation, and as 3) beings created for community and right relationship with God, ourselves, each other, and creation. If human induced climate change is a reality, faithfulness to Jesus and the gospel would require us to change the way we live.

Climate change and environmental issues are a massive opportunity for the church to engage in culture. We do have a message concerning those issues. It’s the message of the gospel!


John Finkelde said...

Top post - what on earth inspired this post ;-)

Joseph McAuley said...


Hey everyone, John Finkelde recently posted on being a 'climate change agnostic.' Not sure what that means, check out his blog...


It prompted me to pen a few thoughts.

John Finkelde said...

LOL All good fun Joseph!

Were you at New Plymouth this year?

Joseph McAuley said...

yep, at AOG Nats