Thursday, November 26, 2009

Understanding the Sabbath Part 4

We now conclude by looking at what it means for us to keep the Sabbath today.

Do we still have to keep the Sabbath today?

Yes of course we do. Just like we still have to keep the rest of the Ten Commandments, every single one of the Ten Commandments is still applicable today. It’s just that every single one has been developed and amended through Christ.

We don’t keep the Sabbath by imitating God’s rest for a day and looking forward to seventh day rest again in a week’s time.

We keep the Sabbath by entering into the state of seventh day rest through relationship with Jesus Christ. Through repentance and faith we come into a saving relationship with Christ. We discover fruitfulness, a call to dominion, relationship; we begin the process of being restored into the fullness of the image of God.

We enter into the beginnings of seventh day rest as seen in Genesis 2:1-3 as we become a part of the kingdom of God which is now, but not yet. It has begun and will be completed at Christ’s return, where we will enter fully a new season of seventh day rest.

Is the Sabbath a Saturday or a Sunday?

It’s not about a certain day of the week.

The Sabbath is about resting in a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

Does that mean that we have to go to church every Sunday?

The Sabbath is not kept by going or not going to church.

Church is about discipleship, community, relationship, being part of the body of Christ.

What about if you are a shift worker?

Shift workers should get saved as well and therefore enter Sabbath rest and keep the Sabbath command.

Isn’t the Sabbath more a principle than a command in the 21st Century?

As Christ followers the Sabbath is a command as much as the other Ten Commandments. We just need to be sure of what we are commanded to do. The Sabbath is now about relationship with Christ.

There is still a principle of Sabbath that is important for us as Christians to practice.

While the law no longer remains the intent of the law is still positive and there are principles here that are beneficial for us all.

We must practice and commit to regularly (I would suggest 1 day a week) pausing and resting from our regular work.

For most of you this will most likely happen on a Sunday, and for most of you, you’ll also attend church on that Sunday.

What we need to be mindful is that the Sabbath is about rest and worship.


- from your regular work
- most likely your work of providing (of earning and bringing in income)
- still be involved in good works of dominion, serving your fellow Christians and building God’s kingdom
- still mow the lawns
- can still paint the fence
- can still work in a team at church or whatever


- not in the sense of a church service
- not in the sense of songs
- worship in the sense of a choice to rest and a choice to dwell on that which the Sabbath is a reminder and a celebration of…

The fact that life is not all about work, six days of work are important, but don’t let work become and end in itself.
God is my provider, as much as I work to provide, I trust in him.
That’s why in season and out of season I still chose to rest and worship God.
When things are bountiful and when things are tight.

Exodus 34:21
Six days you shall work, but on the seventh day you shall rest; even during the ploughing season and harvest you must rest.

God is creator of all and sustains the cosmos, as much as we work as stewards of creation, his is in control and watches over all.

God is Lord of all people, I work to bless and serve my Christian family, but God is Lord of their life and ultimately cares for them.

God is building his Kingdom, as much as I am called to and must work towards his will being done on earth as it is in heaven, he is the true builder of his kingdom, not me.

God is my deliver

God is in control – I don’t have to be busy doing, doing, doing, working, working, working, I can let go and trust him. I can rest even though there are 10 million things that need doing.

If you can’t rest, if you can’t relax, it’s indicative that either you think you can control life, control things, by doing, or that you don’t trust God.

We must keep the Sabbath today. We rest in our relationship with God, we worship and acknowledge God is our provider, sustains, and is in control.

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