Thursday, June 18, 2009

Number 2 Catalyst for Growth

Spiritual Disciplines

The second most significant catalyst I have experienced for personal growth would be the commitment to and practice of spiritual disciplines. Over the years I have researched and then practiced various spiritual disciplines. All of them should be a part of your life anyway but a season of concentrated and deeper commitment to different disciplines will be of huge benefit to you. As well as that you discover disciplines that for you become more than just a seasonal thing, they actually become core praxis in your life.

Of particular significance to me over the years has been the practice of simplicity, study, reflection, sacrifice, generosity and confession. These things are moving from or have moved from practice to lifestyle.

There are number of great books about spiritual disciplines and plenty of information online. Why don’t you study up on a couple of disciplines and then practice in them in your life in a way that you perhaps never have before?

What spiritual disciplines could you practice or commit to?

And plenty of others.

Again, of course you have to get involved at a level that will genuinely stretch you and ask more of you than perhaps ever before, stay committed to the process though and you’ll be amazed at the fruit.

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