Wednesday, April 8, 2009

5 Truths That Will Revolutionize Your Life

1. The Bible is truth for life.

The bible is God’s word and God’s story. It is inspired by God, not liable to deceive, and tells the only story we can confidently frame our lives in.

2. God is the Creator of the universe.

Before God spoke and created there was only God. He is the creator of all. Everything was created by God, for God, and in God. Creation was good. God is good.

3. Sin is destroying our world.

When humanity missed the mark, fell short, sinned, when Adam ate that which was forbidden, death entered the world. Sin caused a failure of relationship for humankind with God, with each other, with oneself, and with the world we live in. All sin is a failure of relationship.

4. Jesus Christ brings hope.

As we approach Easter, a celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we celebrate hope. Jesus paid the price for the sin of humanity and offers restoration to God, to each other, to oneself and with the world we live in.

5. We are to live for the Kingdom.

The Kingdom is now but not yet, we are to live that his will may be done on earth as in heaven. As we follow Christ we find purpose, meaning, fulfilment, satisfaction, answers, and truth.

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