Monday, February 23, 2009

Consuming or Producing?

Over consumption is one of the great evils of the world we live in. While people are starving to death in some countries of the world; obesity continues to be an increasing epidemic in others. We are destroying the environment through over consumption of the world’s natural resources. Humankind’s continual desire to accumulate more and more, (rooted in selfishness, covetousness, and greed); oppresses and holds millions in bondage.

The challenge for us all; are we essentially just consumers or are we producers as well?

It is far easier to consume than it is to produce.

It is easier to eat food than it is to grow food.

It is easier to watch than to do.

It is easier to critique than invent and initiate.

It is easier to read than it is to write. (I am still committed to getting to the point where I blog once a week, the truth though; it is far easier to read others thoughts, ideas, and experiences than it is to reflect on my own and take the time to articulate them in a blog.

The world needs people that are committed not to consuming but to producing.

How could you better produce?

- Make sure the words you speak always bring life to those around you. Prov 18:21- If you have ideas that could make a difference in the world, don’t just think them, do them.
- Fight consumption with generosity (thanks Shane).
- Fight consumption through simplicity.
- Learn to live contently. Phil 4:11-
- Develop a back yard vegetable garden and grow food for yourself and to give to others.
- If you are physically overweight; exercise more and eat less, sponsor a World Vision kid with the money you save on food; or something like that.
- If you are overweight with blessing, in the sense of resource, opportunity, encouragement, support, and life experience, (most of us are), thank God for the blessing you’ve received, and live now to bless the world around you in any and at every opportunity you have. 1 Tim 6:17-19. 2 Cor 9:8-10.


Aaron Standen said...

Very well articulated, it would have been easier for both of us just to think it

Do you have subscription to blog updates?

Mari said...

Great thoughts Joseph totally been challenge by your journey of fighting for social justice

Joseph McAuley said...

Hi Aaron, you should be able to subscribe to the RSS feed for the blog. Top right in your explorer browser. I posted instructions on how to do that in June 2008 if you look in the blog archive. Catch you.

Joseph McAuley said...

Thank Mari, it's a challenging journey, who knows where it will lead...