Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mistaking Hype for the Holy Spirit

The ability to discern the work of the Holy Spirit is as critical to life as a Christian as it has ever been. It is therefore important that the church teaches people how to discern the Holy Spirit working in there life.

I am 100% for large meetings, thousands of people gathering together, lights, multimedia, stadiums, anthems and so on; those kinds of meetings add something massively important to our Christian experience. (I think will find heaven to have a reasonably large crowd with some reasonably impressive special effects). What we must be careful to do though is reflect, (alone with God's word and with trusted friends and leaders), on that which we feel God speaks to us about in the large gathering.

Good questions to ask yourself as you seek to discern the work of the Holy Spirit...

* What have I sensed God has been talking to me about over the last 6 months?
* What has God spoken to me about as I have read his word?
* What do my Small Group peers and leaders think about this?
* Hold lightly and test what you feel God is talking to you about or doing in your life a week or a month after your initial encounter.

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