Thursday, August 7, 2008

Top 5 Olympic Events I’d Like to Watch This Year

28 different sports will be on show at the Beijing Olympics this year, with 302 different events within the sports. What are the chances of the top 5 I’d like to watch being covered on TVNZ… in full… at a decent hour? Slim to none? We’ll wait and see.

My top 5 to watch…

5 – BMX; cool sport to watch at the Olympics.
4 – Taekwondo; this is full contact kicks to the head, even with safety helmets, knockouts are expected.
3 – Men’s Indoor Volleyball; awesome sport to watch, way better than beach volleyball
2 – Basketball; Hard to go past watching the Dream Team carve it up.
1 – Gymnastics; Individual All-Around Men, these guys have the most impressive shoulders in the world!!!

What would be your top 5?


Heidi Nagels said...

Ok for me it is:
1. Hockey - there is just not enough of this sport on TV. Oh such a fabulous game to watch!
2. Soccer - well it's pretty similar to hockey in some ways, 11 on the field, back and forth, scoring a goal is such an event
3. Synchronized swimming. Every summer I have a go at staying afloat whilst doing something fancy looking effortless and every time I fail miserably. I respect these people
4. Track and field. I know that's cheating because it encompasses so much, some of those athletes are amazing (well mos t of them let's face it)
5. Diving / Gymnastics / Volleyball / Powerlifting - I couldn't choose a final one, too many good sports!

Joseph McAuley said...

In my best Beijing Olympian officals Chinese accent...

Hi-d! Ewe cheat! Too many game! Own-lee five!

Hockey is almost the worst sport at the Olympics; only Synchronized swimming is more disastorus. You have them both on your list! Crazy cat.

Granted though it will be interesting to see how the Black Sticks go.

Mari said...

I don't know if I'd call Heidi a cheat maybe a creative answerer.
My top five in no particular order
1. Synchronise diving
2. Gymnastics - i mostly watch it to see the guys impressive shoulders too:)
3. Rowing - don't really care about the sport but it's one of the only sports we have a reasonable shot at getting a gold medal
4. Track and field
5. Synchronised Swimming - they are amazing and I don't know what it is about the synchronisation that appeals maybe it's just the order in it that appeals to may meloncholy nature.

Joseph McAuley said...

Mareee. Ewe be cra-z cat too!

matt said...

1. Basketball - without sky this is my chance to get in some good basketball viewing. The dream team are once again stacked and I always love Yao - who cares that NZS aren't there! Obviously don't deserve to be in this discipline!!

2. Swimming

3. Track and field

4. Gymnastics

5. Italian womens indoor volleyball is always close to my heart after being distracted from my studying in 2000 by the leggy italian 6ft + supermodels!!

Synchronised swimming is right up there - if you get past the pansiness they are extremely talented. I can't even sing and clap in time for long periods let alone having to hold my breath and do it upside down and be in near perfect time with the other people in the pool. Also ranks as one of darcy waldegraves preferred sports to watch if they ever do a nude olympics.

Anonymous said...

1. Gymnastics
2. Diving
3. Weightlifting
4. Fencing
5. Table Tennis