Saturday, June 21, 2008

Your Sermon in Six Words

James MacPherson, Senior Pastor at Calvary Christian Church in Townsville, Australia, has a blog that I read every week. He recently posted some comments about a website where you can publish a story you have written. Only thing is, it can only be six words long. The great writer Earnest Hemmingway was given this challenge once and wrote the following story, powerful and moving in only six words...

'For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.'

This inspired Larry Smith to launch his website. Thousands of people have posted their story.

I had already been thinking about the need for a sermon to be summed up in a single text message. If people miss the service, I'd like to be able to text them the message and them 'get it' in a single text. This could be a challenge for some preachers, especially if their audience doesn't get the message when they are sitting there live!

Reading James's post challenged me to try and get my sermon down to six words. Even harder.

Here's my message from last Sunday night.

'Living the good-life. Lord's my Shepherd.'

Yes I know I've been creative with the hyphen in good-life but hey, pretty good effort I feel. If you heard the message you be the judge.

My message for tomorrow night.

'Good-life questionable. Lord's still my Shepherd.'

Now that doesn't mean you don't have to come tomorrow night.

If you are a preacher or give talks to a crowd of some sort or another, can you get your message down to six words?

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